10 Beautiful Dotwork Peony Tattoos

10 Beautiful Dotwork Peony Tattoos

Peony tattoos are the king of floral designs for a reason!

Colorful peony tattoos are a beautiful thing but these dotwork peonies are a classy alternative. 

Peony tattoos are arguably one of the most in demand flower tattoos today and while they are often done in a bright and colorful style, a delicate dotwork peony offers the same beauty. First popularized in traditional Asian tattooing, notably Japanese the peony is seen to represent wealth, prosperity and good fortune. In addition to that it's simply a beautiful looking flower, and is rapidly rising to the level of the classic tattoo flower- the rose. 

While dotwork peony tattoos are not as bright as there colored counterparts they still offer the same beautiful qualities, and make for a classier tattoo also. The simple effect of dotwork really brings peonies to life and makes them a great dotwork/blackwork tattoo choice.

Take some time to enjoy these dotwork peony tattoos and see why they're so damn good! 

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