10 Beautiful Japanese Wave Tattoos

10 Beautiful Japanese Wave Tattoos

Japanese are today one of the most prominent styles out there! A good Japanese wave tattoo proves this!

Quite simply Japanese style tattoos are awesome, the style, the images, the meaning, the colours, everything about Japanese inspired tattoos makes them some of the best tattoos to have. More common among Japanese tattoos are dragons, tigers, koi fish, cherry blossoms and of course the Japanese wave tattoo.

At the end of the day a wave is a wave, but in both Japanese art and tattooing waves have a very distinct look, the way the wave is drawn, coloured and portrayed is very specific to the Japanese style. One image, perhaps more than most, has shaped the Japanese style of wave, entitled The Great Wave Off Kanagawa the colour woodcut print by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai has had a profound impact on Japanese art and Japanese inspired tattooing.

Recognised as one of the most famous pieces of Japanese art Hokusai's wave is a clear influence in most Japanese wave tattoos, his style and colour the foundation for some amazing body art. Hokusai's influence can clearly be seen in each and every single wave tattoo shown in this article! Enjoy!

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