10 Beautiful Traditional Landscape Tattoos

10 Beautiful Traditional Landscape Tattoos

Enjoy some escapism with these colorful landscapes!

A traditional style can make all the difference with a popular tattoo design. Scenery and landscape tattoos have become big business in recent years with picturesque views covering peoples arms and legs like never before. Now while many landscape tattoos take form in the contemporary styles of dotwork or blackwork, a traditional landscape tattoo can still hold to its own. Inspired by a favorite view or holiday memory, a landscape tattoo can be a great motivator and even act as a form of escapism. And, the design looks simply stunning when done in a bright traditional style.

Focusing on subtle details and bold colors, these traditional landscape tattoos will have you escaping to all corners of the globe and enjoying refreshing mental break. Check them out and get inspired for your own traditional landscape getaway. 

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