10 Beautifully Black Centipede Tattoos

10 Beautifully Black Centipede Tattoos

What more can you want from creepy insect tattoos!

Blackwork insect tattoos are a rad design for anyone wanting a blackwork gap filler. 

Insect tattoos don't always have to be creepy but when it comes to blackwork centipede tattoos the creepier the better. A dark and somewhat ominous design blackwork centipedes have an interesting look about them which you can't help but want more of. Something about the design just works and when it's done in black it's just that little bit better. 

A great gap filler or design to wrap around the arm these blackwork centipede tattoos will have you loving insect ink like never before. Beautifully dark and totally engrossing these blackwork centipede tattoos have been created by a few of the coolest blackwork artists in the world so prepare to be impressed as you are inspired! 

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