10 Braveheart Tattoos That Scream Freedom!

10 Braveheart Tattoos That Scream Freedom!

Braveheart tattoos continue the legacy of a 90s movie classic!

Movie portraits are always a great tattoo idea and what better choice than Braveheart.

The 1995 historical war epic Braveheart remains a popular and iconic movie even after 20 years of release...it seems people just can't get enough of Mel Gibson in that blue face-paint! Directed by Gibson, Braveheart also saw him star in the leading role as the 13th-century Scottish warrior and freedom fighter William Wallace, who fought in the First War of Scottish Independence. A huge and all encompassing film Braveheart is filled with action and emotion, two themes that transfer beautifully onto the skin. 

Braveheart tattoos take the long-haired, sword-wielding, blue-faced Gibson and put him into some action packed tattoos that'll have you screaming freedom like Wallace himself.

 Take a look at these Braveheart tattoos and enjoy that 90s Gibson ink!!

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