10 Brilliant Scott Campbell Tattoos

10 Brilliant Scott Campbell Tattoos

Scott Campbell is seen by many as part of the elite class of tattoo royalty, Campbell has taken tattooing to new heights and places.

Born in Louisiana, Scott Campbell tattoo artist had intended to become a biochemist and studied at the University of Texas, but in true unruly tattoo style he moved to San Francisco and began tattooing.

Given a start at the old school tattoo shop Picture Machine, Campbell learned the trade and travelled the world tattooing as he went and living the life of a true artist. On his return to America he opened his own tattoo shop, Saved Tattoo, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where he boasts an impressive clientèle including the likes of fashion designer Marc Jacobs, the late Heath Ledger, actor Orlando Bloom and Penelope Cruz. Not content with just tattooing Campbell has also gained recognition for his other artwork such as his impressive sculptures made from currency and a series of watercolour paintings.

However, tattooing is what Scott Campbell tattoo artist has made a name for himself. So lets take a look at some of his awesome work!

A fantastic feather shoulder piece by Scott Campbell tattoo artist #feather #scott campbell
Awesome crown tattoo by Scott Campbell tattoo artist #crown #scottcampbell
Campbell's style is some of the best around! #scottcampbell #heart #knife
Beautiful feather by Scott Campbell tattoo artist #feather #scottcampbell #blackwork

The ability and talent of Scott Campbell tattoo artist is perhaps best seen in the short movie made by film-maker Casey Neistat, in which Campbell makes a homemade or 'prison style' tattoo machine out of what is essentially a pen and batteries! Not finished there he proceeds to create a kickass piece of lettering, seen below. To watch Campbell assemble and use his homemade machine you can check it out here!!

Lettering, Bless this Mess, by Scott Campbell tattoo artist #lettering #scottcampbell
Love the uniqueness of this piece by Scott Campbell tattoo artist #scottcampbell #portrait
Awesome rose hand tattoo #rose #traditional #handtattoo
Beautiful ocean design by Scott Campbell tattoo artist #ocean #scottcampbell
Creative skull tattoo by Scott Campbell #skull #blackwork #fineline #scottcampbell
Beautiful tattoo by Scott Campbell #scottcampbell
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