10 Classic Mermaid Tattoos by Becca Genné-Bacon

10 Classic Mermaid Tattoos by Becca Genné-Bacon

Go beneath the waves with the gorgeous mermaids of Becca Genne-Bacon.

A classic image by a classy artist is something we can all appreciate. If you know anything about traditional tattoos, then you've certainly heard of Becca Genné-Bacon. Resident artist at Hand of Glory Tattoo in Brooklyn, she is an incredible artist with a talent for old school tattooing. I have to admit that bright and bold tattoos are certainly her thing. Becca is known for giving new life to classic designs, and her elegant shading and style. This cannot be more clear than with her gorgeous mermaid tattoos.

A classic among classics, mermaids have been depicted as the original pin-up imaginary and this obviously takes us back in time to the early maritime days of western tattooing reminding us where it all began. Taking the old school design and giving it a bold makeover, Becca's mermaids hold that same traditional beauty, but also offer that extra contemporary flair. Check out the beautiful selection of mermaids below.

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You can find more mermaids from Becca's Instagram feed.

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