10 Creative Tattoos Inspired by Fine Artists

10 Creative Tattoos Inspired by Fine Artists

There's no better inspiration for tattoos than great painters.

You can never go wrong with ink inspired by Fine Artists, from museums and art galleries. And if your tattoo artist can add their own touch of creativity, it's even better!

Stunning Karol Bak inspired tattoo by Dave Paulo #fineartists #DavePaulo #karolbak #painter #painting #fineart #masterpiece #art #gallery

Many Fine Artists are really coveted for art inspired tattoos. Of course, Salvador Dali is extremely popular (see 50 Surreal Salvador Dalí Inspired Tattoos) as well as Gustav Klimt (12 Poetic Gustav Klimt Inspired Tattoos). 

But there are so many sources of inspiration in the art world, you will certainly find a Fine Artist to inspire your next ink... Romantic, classic or dark: who are the Fine Artists that will inspire your tattoos?

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