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10 Crisp Pretzel Tattoos

10 Crisp Pretzel Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Don't be salty - make every day National Pretzel Day with a tattoo!

No matter which way you twist it, these are some crisp pretzel tattoos. 

Awesome rainbow pretzel by Numi. #pretzel #pretzeltattoo #Numi #rainbow

April 26 is National Pretzel Day but, for me, pretzels remind me of my family vacation to the US many years ago. As a fussy-eating nine year old, I basically lived off baked pretzels. Not exactly the most nutrious food, but they are damn delicious. 

You're familiar with the usual pretzel shape, but did you know Philadelphia does it differently? Check out these people showing their Philly pride with figure eight shaped pretzel tattoos.

Philly pretzel tattoo by Nick Soloman. #Philly #Philadelphia #pretzel #phillypretzel #newschool #NickSoloman

So these people got tattoos of food, but what if your food got tattoos? 16 Sweet, Awesome and Irresistibly Yummy Tattoo-Inspired Cakes

Philly-style figure eight pretzel by Alex Santaloci. #Philly #Philadelphia #pretzel #phillypretzel #neotraditional #AlexSantaloci

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