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10 Cult Horror Portraits by Nikko Hurtado

10 Cult Horror Portraits by Nikko Hurtado

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Goddamn, Nikko Hurtado's portraiture is scary good.

We frequently showcase his unbelievable tattoos, but because it's October and Nikko Hurtado is a master of horror movie portraiture, we're back with more of his frightfully good realism. Here are some of his astounding and unsettling tattoos of iconic characters from horror films both old and new but all with huge fanbases. Consider nuking a bag of popcorn and settling in on the couch for these horrific tattoos from cinematically inspired masterpieces.

A very hungry looking Pennywise from the serialized television adaptation of Stephen King's It by Nikko Hurtado (IG—nikkohurtado). #color #It #NikkoHurtado #Pennywise #portraiture #realism #horror

"Awww, come on bucko! Don't you want a... balloon?"

Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's monster by Nikko Hurtado (IG—nikkohurtado). #BorisKarloff #color #Frankensteinsmonster #NikkoHurtado #portraiture #realism

Some images stick with us forever, haunting not only our nightmares but our skin, too. Hurtado specializes in recreating famous characters from horror films both new and old through tattoos. As seen in portraits of Pennywise from Stephen King's It and Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's monster, he is capable of capturing their likenesses perfectly. What's more is how he renders them with such emotional expressions, drawing out their inner darkness.  

Good old Captain Spaulding from Rob Zombie's iconic films by Nikko Hurtado (IG—nikkohurtado). #blackandgrey #CaptainSpaulding #NikkoHurtado #portraiture #realism

"What's the matter, kid? Don't ya like clowns?"
Nikko Hurtado's (IG—nikkohurtado) portrait of one of the vampires from 30 Days of Night. #30DaysofNight #color #NikkoHurtado #portraiture #realism #vampire
Nikko Hurtado's (IG—nikkohurtado) portrait of one of the vampires from 30 Days of Night. #30DaysofNight #color #NikkoHurtado #portraiture #realism #vampire

In examining his astounding portfolio, one can see that Hurtado illustrates a wide variety of characters from different time periods in the cinematic genre of horror. We see portraits from films as recent as the last decade and a half with examples like the vampire from 30 Days of Night and Captain Spaulding a la The Devil's Rejects.

This portrait of Freddy Krueger by Nikko Hurtado (IG—nikkohurtado) will haunt your nightmares. #color #FreddyKrueger #NikkoHurtado #portraiture #realism

"One, two, Freddy's coming for you."

Bub from George Romero's Day of the Dead by Nikko Hurtado (IG—nikkohurtado). #Bub #color #DayoftheDead #NikkoHurtado #portraiture #realism

Bub's been responding so well that I let him live.

Jason Voorhees looking terrifying in this portrait by Nikko Hurtado (IG—nikkohurtado). #color #JasonVoorhees #NikkoHurtado #portraiture #realism

"Five years ... five long years he's been dormant. And he's hungry."

A leg sleeve featuring iconic slashers from horror flicks by Nikko Hurtado (IG—nikkohurtado). #blackandgrey #Chucky #FreddyKrueger #MichaelMyers #NikkoHurtado #portraiture #realism

Though his work that's inspired by more recent horror flicks is both exquisite and terrifying, some of Hurtado's best cult classic portraits come from the golden age of American horror films during the 1980s, in which the "slasher film" became a staple motif and zombie movies rose to prominence. In the eerie examples above, we see his depictions of legendary characters from beloved film franchises, such as A Nightmare on Elms Street, Child's Play, Friday the 13th, and Halloween. He's even done a portrait of Bub, from what is arguably George Romero's best zombie flick, Day of the Dead. Lastly, there aren't even words from the Necronomicon that can do justice to his Evil Dead sleeve; long live Bruce Campbell.

Close up of Nikko Hurtado's (IG—nikkohurtado) Evil Dead sleeve. #Ash #BruceCampbell #color #demonicpossession #NikkoHurtado #portraiture #realism #skull

"We're going to get you. We're going to get you. Not another peep. Time to go to sleep."

A badass Evil Dead sleeve from Nikko Hurtado (IG—nikkohurtado). #Ash #BruceCampbell #color #demonicpossession #NikkoHurtado #portraiture #realism #skull

We hope you were freaked out by this sample of Hurtado's importation of cult horror cinema into the world of tattoos. If you want to see more of his mind-blowing portraiture, check out his Instagram. Also, he is such a prolific artist that there are numerous other scary movie tattoos by him that will be a part of our Halloween coverage, so keep an eye out, as if dislocated from its socket, for more of his wicked work to this way come. 

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