10 Epic Stormtrooper Sugar Skull Tattoos

10 Epic Stormtrooper Sugar Skull Tattoos

The classic sugar skull gets a Star Wars makeover!

Stormtrooper sugar skulls bring together two awesome tattoo subjects.

Star Wars tattoos are always a cool choice, and no matter how many we see they never get old. Aside from your little Yodas and badass Darth Vader designs, Stormtrooper tattoos are some of the most loved Star Wars tattoos. While a Stormtrooper homage is a solid design, these sugar skull Stormtroopers really step it up. With a combination of the universe's most recognized fighters and the classic sugar skull, these Stormtrooper tattoos look epic. 

Whether you love Star Wars or want a more creative day of the dead tattoo you can't go wrong with these sugar skull Stormtrooper tattoos and each one will only make you love them more. Take a look and enjoy!

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