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10 Fascinating Norse Mythology Tattoos

10 Fascinating Norse Mythology Tattoos

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Gods and legends of the Vikings inspire epic Norse mythology tattoos...

We often admire the ancient religions of the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, but when it comes to badass gods and goddesses, fascinating creatures and breath-taking legends, the North of Europe can also be a great source of ink.

Nordic beliefs are famous thanks to the Vikings. From Scandinavia to Iceland, humans were worshipping the badass gods Odin and Thor, adoring the brave goddesses Freyja and Frigg and were scared by the evil Loki and Fenrir.

Norse mythology tattoos are inspired by these captivating legends, full of courageous and beautiful female warriors, the valkyries. They are also celebrating the sacred animals of the Vikings, wolves, crows, snakes and squirrels, monsters or protectors. The tree Yggdrasil, symbol of the world, is exploring the respect for life, while the dark scenes of the Ragnarok, the end of the world, is expressing our fears. But the fight between Good and Evil is still existing and we still admire ancient heroes, deities and mythological creatures through art. Get your fix of epicness with these gorgeous examples of Norse mythology tattoos...

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