10 Ferocious Fudo Sword Tattoos

10 Ferocious Fudo Sword Tattoos

Wielded by the mighty Fudo Myo-o these sword tattoos are something special.

Backpiece or gap filler, a Fudo sword design can do it all. 

Highly regarded in the Buddhist mythology of Japan, Fudo Myo-o is a fearsome deity who serves as a form of Buddha. A figure of protection, Fudo Myo-o is often depicted as blue skinned and shrouded in flames- a ferocious appearance used to scare away evil spirits. Not only that but Fudo Myo-o wields a large sword used to slay his enemies and ensure protection.  

A classic design popularized by the heavily tattooed Yakuza members, Fudo Myo-o is often used in large scale Japanese tattooing. But aside from the deity himself, Fudo's sword has also become a popular design. Symbolizing the same power and protection as any large Fudo Myo-o tattoo, these Fudo sword designs are packed with the same ferocity and themes, so prepare to be impressed. Big or small, the Fudo sword is a great tattoo to have and you're about to see why. 

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