10 Galaxy-Inspired Pointillism by Resul Odabaș

10 Galaxy-Inspired Pointillism by Resul Odabaș

Turkish tattoo artist Resul Odabas is making galaxy tattoos cool again with his fine cosmic-inspired tattoos detailed with pointillism.

Galaxy tattoos were a big hit a couple of years ago when galaxy prints were everywhere. 2013-14 was literally trying hard to be out of this world. You name it, there's a galaxy print on it. I'm not one to complain - because they make such stunning tattoos. It still lies in the hands of your tattoo artist though to either fly you past the moon or give you a speckled, disfigured purple blob on your skin. But not Resul Odabaș.

Triangular optical illusion galaxy tattoo by Resul Odabaș. #ResulOdabas #galaxy #pointillism #dotwork #cosmic #cosmos #opticalillusion

Resul Odabaș is a tattoo artist based in Istanbul, Turkey. He's been tattooing since 2009 and has ventured different tattoo styles, switching between styles like color realism to dotwork through the years. The Turkish artist is currently doing galaxy tattoos paired with his fine pointillism and from the looks of it, he's making galaxy cool again. I'm loving the Mia Wallace piece!

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