10 Gorgeous Black And Grey Peony Tattoos

10 Gorgeous Black And Grey Peony Tattoos

Peony flowers make magnificent tattoos - here are 10 stunning black and grey peony tattoos from around the world.

Peonies are stunningly beautiful flowers native to Asia, Western North America and Southern Europe. 

It is thought that there may be up to 40 different species of Peony. Even though they are flowering plants, they can grow so tall that they often resemble trees.

Peony image from Wikipedia. Copyright: Public Domain.

These red, pink, yellow or white flowers have many large petals which give them thick shape-full textures, making them perfect for big, bold tattoos that make a statement.

The peony is the traditional floral symbol of China and is also used in Japanese medicine, meaning it's common imagery in Asian tattoo art, often tattooed alongside koi fish.

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