10 Heartwarming Genie Tattoos

10 Heartwarming Genie Tattoos

These Disney inspired Genie tattoos will have you reliving a Disney classic.

Genie tattoos are as fun and heartwarming as you might think! 

Few Disney films have the same legacy as Aladdin. The 1992 animated film redefined animation movies and remains a classic film to this day, and a large part of that is due to Robin Williams and his portrayal of Genie. The role of Genie was specifically created for Williams and the process of bringing the character to life was revolutionary. Instead of reading and recording lines, Williams was given a situation or theme and asked to improvise dialogue for it. The result proved groundbreaking and the actor's performance was universally acclaimed. 

Such is the admiration and love for Genie that he has become a popular Disney themed tattoo, and one that has even more meaning since Williams' passing. A brilliant tattoo idea and a design you can't help but love, these Genie tattoos will leave you with happy thoughts and one big smile! 

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