10 Impeccable Single-Needle Beauties by Sven Rayen

10 Impeccable Single-Needle Beauties by Sven Rayen

Grayscale work done with a single f*cking needle, and looking fine as hell.

Sven Rayen is an utter master of single-needle tattooing. His work looks like someone took the fine art drawings right out of the Museum of Modern art and etched them onto skin. Except with a single fucking needle.

Imagine you've got a buddy who's just super sick at ballpoint pen drawing, or maybe she only works with super-thin mechanical pencils to create beautiful, detailed grayscale work. You may even have some folks in your life that have these twistedly magical talents, and you've seen them in action — now apply that to the notion of single-needle tattooing. Most tattoo needles are multiple-pronged, even the finer lines are done with three needles packed together, but single-needle tattooing is exactly how it sounds: one single needle.

Scaling to scale!

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Goodness, that there summery chair is cute.

Single-needle tattooing lends itself to really, really fine detail. C'mon, it's a single needle! It better be detailed! So spikes on a cactus or bones inside a whale suddenly become extra dainty.

Rayen works at Studio Palermo in Antwerp, Belgium, so swing on by there if you want some refined refinement. You can see his whole breadth of work over at his Instagram

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