10 Killer Orca Tattoos

10 Killer Orca Tattoos

The only places orcas should remain permanently are in their ocean homes or on your skin as a tattoo.

The killer whale or orca is actually a part of the oceanic dolphin family and they're found in all oceans around the globe. 

Being an apex predator means that the orca is no other animal's prey. They eat fish, seals, and even dolphins - there's no love in the ocean dolphin family.

Orca tattoo by Barnaby Titchener. #traditional #waves #orca #killer whale #BarnabyTitchener

It wasn't until the 60s and 70s that orcas were removed from their ocean homes and put on display for the public. In the decades since, films such as Free Willy and Blackfish reflect society's changing attitudes about keeping orcas captive.

However, you should feel no guilt about an orca tattoo - if anything, it will serve as a reminder that these beautiful creatures deserve to remain free. 

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Blackwork floral orca piece by Joshua Ortiz. #blackwork #flowers #floral #orca #killerwhale #JoshuaOrtiz #whale

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