10 Large Scale Masterpieces by Horihide David Chu

10 Large Scale Masterpieces by Horihide David Chu

Horihide David Chu: a modern master of dark Irezumi

We're always on the lookout for tattooists who execute excellent Irezumi, and we are happy to report on South Korean artist Horihide David Chu's incredible work. He is a master at this ancient traditional Japanese style of tattooing, and the most remarkable aspect of his body art is how dark it is. Practitioners of Irezumi typically make use of dark line-work and backgrounding to make their more brightly colored figures stand out, but this is not the case with his work, which often is done solely in black and grey, and when color does creep into it, he uses it sparingly. 

Horihide David Chu's sleeves, whether black and grey or more vibrant with color, are simply spectacular. Every dragon, hannya, koi, and snake has a fierceness to its posture and facial expression. Also, note just how darkly saturated each piece is, giving them all his signature aesthetic. 

While his sleeves are astounding in their own right, it's Horihide David Chu's full bodysuits that are the most stunning. They can be stand-alone figures as seen in the dragon, full-canvas black and grey work like the first samurai, and highlighted with minimal coloration as seen in the second one battling a snake. His large-scale work is both beautiful and badass.

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If you want to see more of Horihide David Chu's award-winning work, follow him on Instagram, or if you're interested in seeing another epic artist who performs Irezumi, here's a link. Also, make sure to keep an eye out for our next artist spotlight that features the traditional Japanese style.

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