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10 Large Scale Masterpieces by Jeff Gogue

10 Large Scale Masterpieces by Jeff Gogue

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Masterful masterpieces by a large scale master

Listen. You may have seen a sleeve or two in your lifetime (or in our case, a bajillion), and you may have even taken a date home to discover they are simply, utterly covered in tattoos. A bodysuit under that there three-piece suit. But have you seen the painterly magic that is the work of Jeff Gogue?! Working out of Off The Map in Grants Pass, Oregon, Gogue is a talented painter and tattooist and worthy of the fantastic following he has. 

Some artists have a specific style they bring to every single piece. Others, like Gogue, twist their style into fitting whatever the content of the piece is. His range is perfect for such large pieces, so his painting background can really shine through. 

(Listen, okay, like, breaking form here and shit, can we just freak out about this skull back piece? It's just insane, right? It's fucking glowing, this tattoo is fucking glowing.)

Gogue's Instagram is chock-full of even more impressive work and we recommend taking a trip over there to gawk. He's been at the tattoo game for a while (since 2000! Happy 16 years, bro!), so get yerself to the Pacific Northwest already.

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