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10 Marvelous Meerkat Tattoos

10 Marvelous Meerkat Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Add an African animal to your tattoo collection for instant street cred.

Meerkats are more badass than you think. Unlike humans, meerkats are immune to certain types of venom which is how they're able to hunt and eat scorpions as part of their insectivorous diet. Meerkats are part of the mongoose family, and are found in parts of Africa and the Kalahari desert. A group of meerkats is referred to as a clan, mob or gang, and contain anywhere from 20-50 family members. 

Now, you'll probably find that one meerkat tattoo is enough, but the real issue is deciding which tattoo style to choose. Luckily we've compiled some of the best meerkat tattoos on the internet for you to be inspired by. 

Will you go for a realistic tattoo or something humorous like the baby meerkat from the insurance commercial? 

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