10 Meaningful Catfish Tattoos

10 Meaningful Catfish Tattoos

A classic Japanese design catfish tattoos look awesome, but do you know their meanings?

Catfish are immediately recognizable by their barbels ('whiskers') and have become one of the most iconic fish on earth. Varying in size, some catfish can grow to an extremely large size and become true deep water monsters! In classic Japanese mythology catfish are strongly associated with earthquakes. It has long been said that a giant catfish called Namazu kept the land afloat and cause earthquakes.

Frequently tattooed in a traditional Japanese style catfish tattoos are not as common as the classic Koi fish but they still hold their own in terms of Japanese fish tattoos. A bold and unique design catfish tattoos are certainly a design to enjoy and admire, and if you love them enough you could even get your own. Checkout these meaningful catfish tattoos and see why this whiskered fish has some tattoo style!!

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