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10 Mighty Moai Tattoos

10 Mighty Moai Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

A famous historical sight Moai can be turned into an awesome tattoo design.

Large stone sculptures, the Moai, are recognized across the world and these Moai tattoos capture their might!

Even if you didn't know they were called Moai you would most certainly recognize them. Large stone sculptures carved by the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island between 1250 and 1500 CE the 887 Moai are spread across the island. Standing up to 33ft tall and weighing up to 82 tons the Moai hold an imposing presence on the island. Of course the statues are made all the more impressive when you consider the effort it would have taken to transport and place them.

Such is the legacy and impact of the Moai that people get Moai tattoos. Inspired by and paying tribute to the sculptures, these Moai tattoos are some mighty fine tattoos and are almost as imposing as the real thing.

Robert Davies
Written byRobert Davies

Tattoodo Staff Writer and tattoo enthusiast. Lover of all things traditional and blackwork!

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