10 Mischievous Kappa Tattoos

10 Mischievous Kappa Tattoos

Kappa tattoos capture the mischievous essence of a supernatural creature from classic Japanese folklore and myth!

The 'river-child' or Kappa is a troublesome and mischievous creature within Japanese folklore. Inhabiting ponds, swamps and rivers the Kappa is said to be the size of a child and in its humanoid form is covered in green scales with webbed hands and a beak. An essential part of the Kappa's form is the cavity on its head filled with water. The cavity is said to be the source of the Kappa's power and keeps it alive when away from a source of water. Across Japan the Kappa is one of the most recognized water creatures/deities and has over 80 alternative names!!

Troublesome and mischievous in nature the Kappa makes for a great Japanese tattoo and is a popular design. Whether its a bodysuit featuring the full figure of the Kappa or just the Kappa's head Kappa tattoos are an interesting tattoo and are fun to look at. Give these Kappa tattoos some time and see why this eerie water creature is a cool tattoo to have!

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