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10 More Intense Blackwork Tattoos by Gerhard Wiesbeck

10 More Intense Blackwork Tattoos by Gerhard Wiesbeck

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The German tattooist creates impregnable pieces of body art with heavy blackwork.

We've featured his work before, but Gerhard Wiesback is such a prolific and outstanding blackwork tattooist that we're back with more of his body art. Here are 10 intensely saturated pieces by him, most of which are incredible bodysuits.

As one can see in the photos above, Wiesbeck is a master at large-scale blackwork. The wide expanse of parts of the body like the torso and back invite him to not only fully black-out large swaths of skin, it also enables him to contrast this heavy saturation with patterned negative space in order to create mesmerizing geometry. Sometimes, as is exemplified by the skull back-piece, he even works in a more illustrative style of blackwork, and the resulting aesthetic is simply badass.

Though the torso and back are ideal for blackwork, the legs provide ample space for largely filled in or elaborately ornate sleeves. The two photos above illustrate the opposite extremes of the spectrum of blackwork quite succinctly.  

Gerhard Wiesbeck (IG—gerhardwiesbeck) shows how blackwork works for palms. #blackwork #geometric #GerhardWiesbeck #palmtattoo

Lastly, his portfolio also shows how blackwork looks excellent on hands. Given their boney and meaty physicality, palms and fingers are one of the most difficult parts of the body to tattoo well. However, Wiesbeck demonstrates how with heavy line work, body art on these appendages can be quite exquisite.

Super solide hand tattoo by Gerhard Wiesbeck (IG—gerhardwiesbeck). #blackwork #geometric #GerhardWiesbeck #hand

We hope you enjoyed having a look at more of Wiesbeck's intense blackwork tattoos. If you want to see more of his work, you can find him on Instagram. He tattoos out of Blut and Eisen as well as Time Traveling Tattoo in Berlin, so if you're around Germany, consider paying him a visit for some blackwork of your own.

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