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10 Rainbow Tattoos to Show Your Pride!

10 Rainbow Tattoos to Show Your Pride!

Tattoo Ideas4 min Read

In this collection of awesome rainbow tattoos we show a special way to show how deep your love goes for the LGBTQ+ Pride community!

There’s no right way to celebrate Pride Month. Your plans could include taking to the streets to march in a Pride parade or to your phone to post on social media. If you’re looking for a more permanent way to celebrate Pride Month, we’ve rounded up ten awesome rainbow tattoos to get you inspired and help you feel empowered.

1. Add a splash of color: 

2. Give the pride flag personal meaning: 

3. Keep it simple: 

4. Make it abstract: 

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5. Say “Love Is Love” with hearts:

6. Keep it classic:

7. Give new meaning to linework:

8. Take it horizontal:

9. Make a statement:

10. Take your pride to the stars:

Bonus: Not so set on permanence? Inkbox has a whole section of temporary LGBTQ+ tattoos that you can browse and try out so that you can find a tattoo that celebrates you the way you want to be celebrated.

Written byRachel

I am a freelance writer and creative from Kansas City, Missouri. I love to write about culture, art, food, and literature, and I love that tattoos tell a multitude of stories.

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