10 Recent Beauties by Claudia De Sabe

10 Recent Beauties by Claudia De Sabe

Delicate Japanese-Inspired Pieces

The Japanese style of tattooing is generally depicted by its’ sharp, clean lines and use of traditional Japanese imagery like foo dogs, chrysanthemums, and dragons. As a whole, it’s generally a bolder style of tattooing with a heavy emphasis on mythology. Based out of London, Claudia De Sabe is putting a new spin on this traditional style with her delicate Japanese-inspired pieces.

Combining elements of traditional Japanese style, and her own personal flair, De Sabe has managed to create a take on Japanese work that has a certain fragility to it: lines are fine and delicate, and color is more subdued. All of the key Japanese elements that are found in traditional Irezumi style is still there, fully intact, and yet, there’s a certain femininity behind each piece that is truly stunning.

You can see more of De Sabe's work here.

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