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10 Savage Snake Tattoos For Your Stomach

10 Savage Snake Tattoos For Your Stomach

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

You've got to go big with stomach tattoos!

What better design than a snake for that prime tattoo spot on your front!

When it comes to stomach tattoos you want something that's gonna fill the space and catch the eye, two things a snake can do perfectly. Snake stomach tattoos are a powerful design and look sick. After all what looks better than a big, bold snake blasted on your front! They're just epic! 

If you've been thinking of getting your own stomach tattooed then these snake tattoos will provide awesome inspiration. They're big, bold and unashamed. Snake stomach tattoos are awesome and I'm gonna have you convinced to go get your own. You could even have Tattoodo create your own kickass design that's perfectly made just for you!! 

Robert Davies
Written byRobert Davies

Tattoodo Staff Writer and tattoo enthusiast. Lover of all things traditional and blackwork!

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