10 Scissors Tattoos For Passionate Hairdressers and Crafters

10 Scissors Tattoos For Passionate Hairdressers and Crafters

Leave a searing impression with these gorgeous and classy scissors tattoos that definitely made the cut.

Whether you're getting scissors tattooed on you as an inked-in ode to your profession or your tattoo sleeve simply needs a pair, here's a little something to pore over while you're trying to decide if you're in need of a little snip-snip. While there's not much to say on ‘scissors tattoo origin,’ I've got to give it to the personal choice of the wearer when it comes to this particular tattoo. It may refer to severing ties, emancipation, or they may just really like to get a nice pair of scissors tattooed on them.

I especially love blackwork tattoo artist Hannah Snowdon-Sykes' clever scissors tattoo on her left palm which stretched out onto her fingers to make up for one brill, interactive tattoo.

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