10 Spiritual Buddha Inspired Tattoos

10 Spiritual Buddha Inspired Tattoos

Mystic creativity with Buddhist vibes.

Buddha is the sanskrit word for "awakened one". Buddha inspired tattoos are a classic, and they can awake both your spirituality and creativity.

You don't need to practice buddhism to get Buddha inspired tattoos, but knowing the subject won't hurt. There are in fact many Buddhas. They are men who have reached the ultimate levels of wisdom, peace and spirituality. But Westerners only know one Buddha and one unique representation of this spiritual guide. In many buddhist countries, believers think that getting a Buddha tattoo is an insult. You cannot prevent people to get Buddha inspired tattoos, but you can encourage respect and beauty. If you recognize yourself in buddhist philosophy and if you want to pay a tribute to it with a Buddha inspired tattoo, you can admire the creativity of this collection...

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