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10 Splendid Jasmine Flower Tattoos

10 Splendid Jasmine Flower Tattoos

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No need to go to the tropics to find jasmine flowers - get a tattoo! Here are the best jasmine tattoo designs

The jasmine flower, with over 200 species, is a part of the olive family. With their white or yellow blossoms, jasmine plants are native to tropical or subtropical areas of the world. They're a national symbol in several countries, including Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Syria and Thailand.

Some species are deciduous (meaning that their leaves fall in the Autumn) while others are evergreen. But with a tattoo, they'll be in bloom all year round!

The jasmine flower has several meanings, which can make your tattoo even more personal. It means love or appreciation, sensuality and beauty. Certain cultures see the jasmine flowers as a symbol for purity, others think they attract good luck.

Jasmines, like most flowers, look beautiful in just about any tattoo style. If you're still undecided, check out the jasmine tattoo designs below for some ideas and inspiration.

Stacie Mayer
Written byStacie Mayer

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