10 Striking Blackwork Neck Tattoos

10 Striking Blackwork Neck Tattoos

You can't beat a good old neck tattoo, especially when it's done in wonderfully dark blackwork!

These blackwork neck tattoos will either give you mad inspiration or make you cringe! 

Neck tattoos are either reserved for the serious collectors, or hipsters who only get tattooed where it's visible. Either way, when you're inking your neck you want to make an impact, so what better way to go than blackwork! These blackwork neck tattoos cover a number of styles and themes but each one uses nothing but black ink to come to life. 

Created by some of the finest blackwork artists in the industry today, these blackwork neck tattoos are sure to get you fired up on tattooing your neck and may even inspire other blackwork tattoo ideas as well. Take your time to enjoy them and see which design and style jumps out at you!  

If you guys didn't see our post on Thieves of Tower's incredible neck tattoo, check it out here! Thieves Of Tower: New Neck Castle Tattoo

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