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10 Stunning Neck Peony Tattoos

10 Stunning Neck Peony Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Get inspiration for your first neck tattoo with these awesome peony flower neck tattoos.

The neck is such a visible area to get tattooed, and you've got to be sure you've picked the right imagery, design and artist, and that it fits perfectly on this open area of your skin.

Floral neck tattoos are popular as the shape of an open flower works well within this space. In the blogpost 11 Perfectly Places Knee Peony Tattoos we looked at how the large peony petals lend themselves to this circular part of the body. Similar with the neck, the long, detailed multitude of petals and leaves found on this flower, means it's a perfectly shaped image for a neck tattoo.

Written byRebecca

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