10 Surreal Moth Tattoos by Scott Garitson

10 Surreal Moth Tattoos by Scott Garitson

Scott Garitson's moth tattoos are incredibly trippy.

Though we've featured his work several times, we're back at it again with some of Garitson's interesting moth tattoos. The naturally ornate pattern schemes of these creatures' wings and bodies invites him to embellish their form with other uncanny imagery, such as eyes, skulls, and even veggies. Check out this awesome infestation of body art.

One of Garitson's favorite images to mashup with moths are eyes. Sometimes they glare of the creatures' wings and other times they gaze like a cyclops' off their heads. Regardless of the placement, the white of these unblinking eyes standout against their host organisms' rich color palettes. 

Another remarkable motif that Garitson incorporates into his trippy moth tattoos is that of the classic skull. In a way that's reminiscent of the cover of Silence of the Lambs, his skulls sometimes reside on the abdomen of the winged insect. Other times, the moth's entire body is the skull with staring eyes similar to some of his other tattoos. In one of the examples, the moth has even become entombed within one's cranium.  

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Though all of them have a surreal vibe not only in their intermingled imagery but vibrant coloration as well, some of Garitson's moths are more radical than the others. When Garitson is at his best his tattoos challenge what can constitute what in a tattoo.  The resulting visual effect is delightfully mind-bending.

We hope you enjoyed this little pantry full of moth tattoos by Scott Garitson. If you did, check out this article about some of his other work, and don't forget to follow him on Instagram. If you want your very own moth tattoo, he can be found at Til' Death Denver in Denver, Colorado.

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