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10 Talented Floral Tattoo Artists

If you resonate with imagery of nature, botanicals, and fauna, look no further than these skilled floral tattoo artists!

We have compiled a list of some of the best botanical tattoo artists in the world to assist you in creating your signature floral piece. With styles that range from Illustrative Blackwork to bold Neo-Traditional designs, there’s definitely a botanical tattoo artist for everyone on this list.

Looking for the best flower tattoo artist near you? Keep reading to check out our selection and gain inspiration for your next floral piece!

Talented Floral Tattoo Artists, USA

Alice Kendall: Botanical Neo-Traditional Tattooer, Portland, Oregon

Owner of the renowned Wonderland PDX studio in Portland, Oregon, Alice Kendall is legendary when it comes to flowers, insects, foliage, and fauna. Kendall’s work is both whimsical and elegant, bringing to life elements of nature that serve to intrigue and inspire. Her clean neo-traditional style features beautiful linework complemented by rich saturated hues.

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Alice Carrier: Esoteric Botanical Tattooer: Portland, OR

If you’re looking for a witchy experience to accent your floral tattoo, self-titled ‘Queer Witch’, Alice Carrier is an excellent option.

With her own line of tarot cards, entitled the “Tarot of the Roses”, Carrier provides clients with a plethora of inspiration for their esoteric and nature-inspired pieces. Armed with an imagination equipped with thorns, fauna, and flowers, Carrier creates unforgettable spiritually-infused botanical pieces, created in her signature neo-traditional style.

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Clinton Lee: Japanese Botanical Tattooer, Denver, Colorado

Specializing in creating stunning Japanese flowers and detailed ornamental designs, Clinton Lee is easily one of the best floral tattoo artists working within this signature aesthetic. Many of Lee’s tattoos are infused with spiritual themes and symbolic accents, so if you’re looking to complement your botanical tattoo with goddesses and deities, Clinton is skilled at creating multifaceted pieces, combining the earthly with the ethereal.

Blackwork flower tattoo by Clinton Lee #ClintonLee #flower #floral #blackwork #linework #headtattoo

Russell McCabe: Realistic Flower Tattoo Artist, Denver Colorado

If you love ornamental pieces featuring flowers, mandalas, and sacred geometry, you’ll fall in love with the work of Russell McCabe. His tattoos are done primarily in black and grey ink, but McCabe also works stunningly in full color. His floral art tattoos depict an impeccable level of realism and often involve various spiritual symbolism.

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Black and grey cherry blossums March 2019

Pony Reinhardt: “Ghastly Phantastic” Floral Tattooer: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Pony Reinhardt describes her work as “a cosmic cataclysm of the Ghastly Phantastic”, a sentiment that truly works to describe her unique woodcut style aesthetic.

Taking inspiration from space, nature, and the occult, Reinhardt masterfully presents these concepts in a style reminiscent of classic illustrative art. Her expertly executed floral tattoos feel like odes to the mysteries of nature, working to awe and inspire viewers.

If you love fine art floral tattoos and prefer black ink, Reinhardt is definitely an artist to consider.

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Kyle Stacher: Black and Grey Botanical Tattooer, Portland, Oregon

Kyle Stacher creates bold black and grey floral tattoos adorned with decorative elements that work perfectly for large-scale statement pieces.

While his designs feature soft and feminine imagery, the strong linework and absence of color helps to create a more masculine and balanced feel to the motifs.

Stacher works expertly with ornamental accents and masterfully combines imagery of space and esoteric concepts to complement his incredible floral tattoos.

Esther Garcia: Sacred Geometry Floral Tattooer, Chicago, Illinois

Esther Garcia is a name to become familiar with if you’re interested in tattoos featuring sacred geometry, fruit, flowers, or wildlife.

Her unique pieces embody a beauty all their own, utilizing both color and strong blackwork. If you’re interested in a floral tattoo that encompasses elements of impeccable detail or utilizes large blackouts to showcase your floral art, Garcia may be the perfect artist for you!

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Kirsten Holliday: Traditional Floral Tattooer: Portland, Oregon

Searching for a traditional style floral realism tattoo? Look no further than the incredibly talented Kirsten Holliday, currently based out of Portland, Oregon.

Influenced by traditional style tattoos and botanical illustrations, Holliday creates one-of-a-kind floral tattoos, designed to feature saturated rich tones and bold linework.

Looking to get an elaborate vine or wreath, or a large scale fruit-bearing tree? Holliday is able to deliver beautifully on all fronts, making her the perfect choice for those wishing to work with these natural elements.

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Talented Floral Tattoo Artists, Europe

Nazariy Kuryliak: Neo-Trad Botanical Tattooer, London, England

Nazariy Kuryliak is a highly skilled neo-traditional tattoo artist based out of London who primarily works with elements like flower imagery and fauna.

When reviewing Kuryliak’s work it becomes clear that he enjoys mixing these nature-inspired visuals with traditional tattoo motif staples like skulls and daggers, working to both balance the pieces, and provide a more striking visual appeal.

Though most of his tattoos are saturated with bold colors, Kuryliak also works in black ink as well.

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flower skull and dagger

Jacque Lopez: Mystical Flower Tattooer, Lisbon, Portugal

For those who prefer blackwork and enjoy illustrative mystical tattoos, Jacque Lopez is a superb choice within this style and aesthetic.

His floral pieces are fine-lined and beautifully detailed, showcasing his delicate style in a form reminiscent of old occult drawings. For those who work with magic, nature and goddess energies, Jacque Lopez is an excellent selection to bring your unique vision to life!

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Diana Severinenko: Blackwork Floral Tattooer: Kyiv, Ukraine

Diana Severinenko brings a unique perspective to the realm of botanical tattoo artists. Her blackwork floral designs embody an innocent, distinctly feminine quality, perfect for those seeking a softer aesthetic.

One of Severinenko’s specialties is her detailed floral sleeves, often featuring elements like snakes, butterflies, negative space, and birds.

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Pis Saro: Fine Line Botanical Tattooer, Kyiv, Ukraine/Bali

Pis Saro has focused her craft around her signature floral art tattoos.

Reminiscent of delicate folk art, and using minimal outlines, Saro’s bright colors dance off the skin, designed to feel distinctly feminine and joyfully optimistic.

If you love the look of Saro’s work but aren’t sure you’re ready for a permanent tattoo, she has also released a line of temporary delicate flower tattoos.

Dave Riot: Ornamental Flower Tattooer, Rome, Italy

Dave Riot’s impressive body of work is rich with depictions of flowers, spiritual symbolism, and natural elements.

Riot primarily works with black ink, using a technique that takes influence from both henna art and ornamental style tattooing. If you’re a fan of geometric pieces and spiritual motifs, you’ll be thrilled with the designs of Dave Riot.

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Olga Nekrasova: Botanical Tattooer, St.Petersburg, Russia

True to her username (fflowerporn), Olga Nekrasova is highly skilled at creating moody cool-toned floral pieces.

Based out of St. Petersburg Russia, Nekrasova crafts stunningly clean botanical tattoos in both color and all black ink.

Her floral pieces feel both somber and romantic, allowing these natural flower tattoos to possess great depth and character in their design and color palette.

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Dorota Masalska: Ornamental Floral Realism Tattooer, Gdansk, Poland

Dorota Masalska creates striking floral tattoos in her extraordinarily clean and detailed ornamental style.

Working primarily in black and grey ink, Masalska creates unforgettable sleeves and large scale pieces, utilizing expert shading and stunning ornate details.

If you’re looking to get a feminine portrait or sacred geometry inspired piece alongside floral imagery, Masalska is able to masterfully combine these elements in a way that feels otherworldly and incredibly precise in its presentation.

Rit Kit: Realistic Flower Tattoo Artist, Kyiv, Ukraine

If you’re searching for the perfect hyper-realistic flower tattoo, Rit Kit may just be the artist for you.

Based out of Ukraine, but currently residing in Bali, this intriguing floral tattooer is often on the go, traveling to countries like Germany and Ireland, amongst others. Getting tattooed by Rit Kit is definitely a botanical experience, with real flowers and foliage used in the creation of the tattoo’s stencil.

Talented Floral Tattoo Artists, Seoul, Korea

Yuhwa: Fine Line Floral Tattoo Artist, Seoul, South Korea

Yuhwa uses a soft and illustrative style to bring gorgeous floral pieces to life.

Exclusively working in black ink, Yuhwa’s floral tattoos are subtle in appearance due to the fine lines used and absence of color. This technique allows her large scale pieces to somehow appear subdued and soft.

If you live in Seoul and are searching for the best flower tattoo artist near you, you definitely need to check out Yuhwa!

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Zihwa: Illustrative Floral Tattooer, South Korea

South Korean tattoo artist Zihwa specializes in fine line illustrative tattoos depicting subtle details and expert shading.

Between her stunning blackwork designs and full-color floral realism tattoos, Zihwa is an incredibly talented botanical tattooer to keep on your radar!

Her unique style creates floral tattoos that appear unreal in their precision and understated beauty.

Sion: Japanese Ornamental Flower Tattooer, Seoul, South Korea

For those wishing to take a truly unique approach to their floral tattoo, Sion is able to create botanical pieces that wear like jewelry.

Whether it’s a micro tattoo of a cherry blossom anklet, or a larger scale peony hairpin featuring moon and sun ornaments, Sion utilizes flower imagery in non-traditional and intriguing ways.

Through her soft and color-packed style, Sion is able to execute pendants, bracelets and stand-alone pieces showcasing whimsical and sentimental imagery of flowers that wear like a good luck charm.

Talented Floral Tattoo Artists, Australia

Goyo: Black and Grey Botanical Tattooer, Seoul, Korea / Sydney

Goyo's fine black and grey tattoos work to create stunning visuals of flowers and fauna alike, providing the wearer with a super classy, timeless piece of nature-inspired art.

Commonly using elements like lunar cycles, snakes, and roses, Goyo’s tattoos have a distinct soft and earthy feel to them, bringing to life the beauty of nature through tattooing.

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Sophia Baughan: Neo-traditional Botanical Tattooer: Sydney, Australia

Working in her distinct neo-traditional style, Sophia Baughan creates unforgettable renderings of natural beauty, citing her grandparents' garden and children’s illustrative books as her inspiration.

Baughan’s elegant and clean designs possess a distinct fine art feel to them, perhaps as a result of her close relationship with her grandparents who both worked as painters.

If you’re searching for a talented botanical artist near you, Sophia Baughan may just be the right choice!

Garden-inspired tattoo by Sophia Baughan. #SophiaBaughan #deer #garden #neotraditional

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Talented Floral Tattoo Artists, Canada

Sebastian Kandinsky: Traveling Floral Tattooer, Canada/USA

Sebastian Kandinsky’s unique aesthetic defies traditional boundaries, mixing elements from various styles to create one that is all his own.

He is highly skilled at realistic portraiture of birds and various fauna, while creating floral pieces that utilize negative space, bold highlights, and superior dot work.

If you’ve fallen in love with Kandinsky’s signature style of bold floral designs, you’ll be happy to know that he is currently traveling through Canada and the US, guest spotting at various shops.

Images sourced and curated by Justine Morrow.

Dotwork tattoo by Sebastian Kandinsky #SebastianKandinsky #Skandinsky #dotwork #dots

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