10 Talented Floral Tattoo Artists

10 Talented Floral Tattoo Artists

Let flowers bloom through the dazzling works of these skilled, nature-loving tattoo artists.

If you've got a green thumb and a thirst for ink, look no further than these skilled tattooers with a knack for all things floral and fauna and turning into works of art through lively nature-inspired tattoos. With styles that range from lovely blackwork to neo traditional, there's definitely one for everyone in this list.

If you'd love to have some life-like nature around you, you're going to love how this artist creates hers. Rita or Rit Kit designs her nature tattoos with stencils of actual plants imprinted onto the skin. 

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The wanderlust Pis Saro focuses on aptly feminine designs with her floral and leafy tattoos. She achieves all this with minimal outlines and solid colors.

True to her username (fflowerporn), Olga Nekrasova will surely give you a floral eye feast in her nature tattoo-packed Instagram feed.

Wonderland Tattoo is literally a wonderland for anyone looking to get nature-inspired tattoos as they boast four artists specializing in flora and fauna designs. One of them is Alice Carrier, a neo traditional artist with her elegant designs.

Pony Reinhardt creates lovable woodcut-inspired blackwork tattoos, occasionally laced with geometric elements and negative spaces. Pony designs her work as accurate as possible, giving it some kind of outdated encyclopedia feel.

6. Diana Severinenko 

Diana Severinenko is a young tattoo artist based in Ukraine known for her lovely blackwork tattoos. A recurring theme in Diana's works is the presence of intricately designed flowers and plants. 

Like Alice, Kirsten also operates at Wonderland Tattoo in Portland, Oregon. Kirsten works are composed of mostly large-scale designs of fruit-bearing trees, elaborate vines, and wreaths.

Garden-inspired tattoo by Sophia Baughan. #SophiaBaughan #deer #garden #neotraditional

Like Goyo, Sophia Baughan creates mainly flora and fauna-inspired designs. Hers is in a lovely neo traditional style.

South Korean tattoo artist Zihwa specializes in fine black and gray tattoos depicting mostly floral designs carefully crafted with subtle details and shading.

10. Goyo

Goyo's fine black and grey works are similar to that of Zihwa's, with hers focusing mostly on both flora and fauna-inspired pieces.

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