10 Times Phil Garcia Tattooed Something That Wasn't a Rose

10 Times Phil Garcia Tattooed Something That Wasn't a Rose

Garcia has made a name as the go-to guy for the greatest rose tattoos in the world. But guess what? He can do hell of a lot more.

Ah, Phil Garcia. Maker of roses. King of photorealistic flora. The man on whom we can always rely to churn out hands down the most unbelievably realistic roses in the universe. Yes, the universe. No, I'm not exaggerating. 

See? I told you. 

But really. Anybody who's got their finger on the tattoo world's pulse has seen California-based artist Phil Garcia's hyper-realistic roses. There are a lot of pretty flower tattoos out there, don't get me wrong. They come in all shapes and sizes, styles and color palettes by artists from all over the globe.... but let's be real. Garcia's are a force to be reckoned with. 

Truth is, we can't get enough. No one can. And that's why we've written about these beautiful buds here and here. But, as someone great (I have no idea who actually said it) once said, "variety is the spice of life." And in that spirit we bring you 10 times tattooer Phil Garcia blew our minds with something OTHER than a rose. Groundbreaking, I know. 

Although a majority of Garcia's work seems to be of the floral variety, you can imagine with unfathomable talent such as his that he's probably capable of tattooing, well, damn near anything. And you'd be right, he is. And he does. Here's the proof. 

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