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10 Times We Wanted to Live Inside Jesse Rix Tattoos

10 Times We Wanted to Live Inside Jesse Rix Tattoos

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Simply sublime landscapes by Jesse Rix that are out of this world. We want to go to there.

Jesse Rix is one of the best landscape tattooists in the world. His scenes from the natural world (as well as those beyond it) are simply stunning. He is capable of rendering these breath-taking images of wildernesses and paradises with exquisite detail in both black and grey and color realism. Check out this wide array of tattoos by him that depict both beautiful and sublime landscapes. 

Many of the the landscapes that Rix tattoos are those that people inhabit. For instance, the black and grey fly-fishing scene not only shows off his skill in this style but also captures the spirit of this sort of classic sportsmanship within the natural world. Also, we see imagery from the tropics, like the shoreside piece through which we can stare off into the evening sea. He also illustrates other wildernesses with imagery like campers lounging by river rapids and tents overlooking majestic views.

As landscape painting has been doing since the advent of Romanticism, Rix's best world captures the sublimity embodied by nature. He often depicts a minute human figure like that guitar player in front of insurmountable land formations like rigid mountain ranges and vast tundras to bring the smallness of being human into focus in lieu of nature's terrifying vastness. Such images have the power undermine our sense of security as we peer off into their distant vanishing points.

An otherworldly landscape by Jesse Rix (IG—jesse_rix). #children #color #Earth #JesseRix #landscape #moon #otherworldly #realism #sublime

Though Rix perfectly captures the beautiful imperfections of our world in realistic detail, as seen in his view from the moon, he also can render it a more cosmic fashion from a bird's-eye perspective, too. His otherworldly landscapes rival his worldly ones in their imaginative scope. His work reminds me of lines from Gerard Manley Hopkins' poem "Pied Beauty": 

"For skies of couple-colour as a brinded cow; / For rose-moles all in stipple upon trout that swim;
/ Fresh-firecoal chestnut-falls; finches' wings; / Landscape plotted and pieced — fold, fallow, and plough."

Some of Rix's most moving color landscapes are those that feature sunrises and sunsets. In these breath-taking scenes, the light plays off of the surrounding landforms and seascapes in an astonishing manner. It dances on the clouds, ripples vibrantly atop the water, and brightens the yellow of sunflowers, casting shadows in its absence as it disappears around the bends of lochs and into the impression of paw-prints.  

Playing fetch at the beach by Jesse Rix (IG—jesse_rix). #beach #color #dogs #JesseRix #landscape #realism

We hope you found these landscapes by Rix as majestic and sublime as we did. If you want to see more of his mind-blowing work, it can be found on Instagram . Also, should you want a brilliant landscape on your own body, he tattoos on tour, so consider emailing him at

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Written byRoss Howerton

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