10 Wonderfully Experimental Silhouette Tattoos

10 Wonderfully Experimental Silhouette Tattoos

These tattooists combine modes like landscape and portraiture with silhouettes to create astounding body art.

We adore silhouette tattoos, especially those that combine this motif within the arts with other illustrative styles of body art. Recently, we've featured a number of experimental tattooists who are hybridizing silhouettes with other forms of visual art like portraits and landscapes, so we thought we'd sample some of their incredible work to share this cool evolution in the tattoo world with you. Check out these sometimes majestic and at other times kaleidoscopic pieces that use silhouettes in unexpected ways.

Two silhouette landscapes inside canine heads by David Cote (IG— thedavidcote). #DavidCote #fox #landscape #Silhouette #wolf
Two silhouette landscapes inside canine heads by David Cote (IG— thedavidcote). #DavidCote #fox #landscape #Silhouette #wolf

It's amazing just how versatile silhouettes are. These inventive artists have found a number of interesting ways to use them in their respective styles, resulting in some pretty incredible visual effects, some of which can be almost psychedelic. What's also amazing is just how many styles silhouettes have been incorporated into, including black and grey, neo-traditional, dotwork, and even watercolor. We also love how these tattoos demonstrate the power of silhouettes to illustrate landscapes and other scenes. The way the solid black figures resoundingly contrast from vibrant color palettes is incredibly pleasing to the eye.

An exquisite garter tattoo featuring a silhouette of a cat on a walk with a vibrant watercolor background by Koray Karagözler (IG— koray_karagozler). #cat #garter #KorayKaragözler #landscape #silhouette #watercolor

We hope you loved these experimental tattoos as much as we do. If so, make sure to check out the Instagrams of the artists featured in this post, and should you, too, want a landscape or a portrait that's hybridized silhouettes, get one of these world-class tattooists to illustrate it. All of their work is mind-blowing as it is exquisite. 

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