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11 Animated Crash Bandicoot Tattoos

11 Animated Crash Bandicoot Tattoos

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Everyone's favorite bandicoot is back in these awesome tattoos!

Most people who were around for the advent of the PlayStation probably fondly remember punching on the D-pad and buttons making an anthropomorphic bandicoot run, jump, and spin around until the blisters on their thumbs burst. It was great and well worth the pain. Crash Bandicoot was a revolutionary video game in its day, transforming the principles in fast-paced crawlers like Sonic into an immersive three-dimensional experience. It was so beloved by some that they grew up and got tattoo tributes to the game's iconic characters.

Spanning twenty years and 18 spinoffs, the Crash Bandicoot franchise has been a staple in most gamers' lives, especially PlayStation devotees. For many, it was the Crash that initially got them hooked on gaming, so it's no wonder that so many of them have tattoos of him blasting off via jetpack or bounding through the air to collect gems. 

Crash is not the only icon from the game that's been propelled into the world of tattoos. Aku Aku — the witchdoctor trapped in a tiki mask who guides you through the levels — has also become a fixture in nerdy body art. Several gamers out there have also gotten homages to the game's outrageous villain Doctor Neo Cortex. Even items — like Wumpa fruit and Nitro boxes — have popped up in tattoos. 

To see more nerdy and nostalgic tattoos, make sure to run over to these tattoosts' Instagrams. Should you have a special spot in your heart for Crash Bandicoot, consider having another special spot on your body dedicated to the game. Better yet, have one of the artists here design the piece for you.

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