11 Badass Transformer Tattoos

11 Badass Transformer Tattoos

Alien robots don't get any better than the Transformers!

Few toys have had the impact of the Transformers so why not celebrate the awesomeness with a tattoo!! 

When Hasbro created the Transformers toy line little did they know that they were about to change the world. Two decades later and after countless comics, numerous TV series and five movies the Transformers are as popular as ever and have even invaded the world of ink. Although it's hardly uprising that such an iconic franchise has a few tattoo loving fans!

Transformer tattoos are everything you'd expect and more, coming in all manner of shapes, styles and sizes they're just brilliant. Now whether you love them, hate them or know very little about them- you're sure to still appreciate the quality and character of these badass Transformer tattoos! 

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