11 Gorgeous Little Tattoos by Hongdam

11 Gorgeous Little Tattoos by Hongdam

Size doesn't always matter. This South Korean artist only needs a small amount of space to create mind-blowing tattoos.

It's easy to look at a full body suit and immediately recognize that you are looking at a staggeringly well done piece of body art; it can be a little more difficult to recognize genius in smaller pieces. But once you get in close and take a good, long work you'll start to understand that the same level of expertise and technical know-how is required to craft a tiny tattoo that will turn heads. 

Hongdam is an artist working out of Seoul, South Korea, who has specialized in creating delicate small-scale tattoos that should not be overlooked. 

What makes these tattoos by Hongdam so impressive is attention to detail. Look at every single line of black ink that makes up the fur on the little fox above, particularly in the tail. Remarkable. 

Hongdam is incredibly versatile and is able to adapt to whatever style best suits the piece at hand. Two slides up you saw a watercolor-inspire flower and here you have one in only black ink. Both tattoos offer a completely different take on a similar subject matter and both are tremendous. 

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We'll finish up this feature on Hongdam the same way we started it, with one of the sexiest tattoos we've ever seen. Hongdam's work shows that when you combine supreme technical skill with an eye for perfect placement that even the smallest of pieces can be worthy of admiration. If you want to see more of this talented artist's work head on over to Instagram. And if you want to see some more impressive tiny tattoos be sure to check out this article. 

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