11 Legendary Uchide no Kozuchi Tattoos

11 Legendary Uchide no Kozuchi Tattoos

A magical hammer in Japanese folklore makes for some legendary tattoos!

Uchide no Kozuchi tattoos are a cool Japanese design with great symbolism.

In traditional Japanese folklore, the Uchide no Kozuchi is a magical hammer held by Daikokuten, a deity of great darkness/blackness. The wooden hammer is seen as a magical and legendary object and is often translated as being a 'lucky hammer' or 'mallet of good fortune'. Uchide no Kozuchi also makes for a pretty sweet tattoo idea! 

Uchide no Kozuchi tattoos are an interesting tattoo that is a fairly underrated Japanese design. Great for a filler or lucky charm tattoo Uchide no Kozuchi tattoos can be as plain or elaborate as you like and look good either way. Checkout these 11 Uchide no Kozuchi tattoos and enjoy that legendary Japanese ink!! 

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