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11 Of The Cutest Tattoos You've Ever Seen by Roberto Euán

11 Of The Cutest Tattoos You've Ever Seen by Roberto Euán

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Because Cute Tattoos Know No Gender

It’s often (very incorrectly) thought that cute, kawaii or highly feminine tattoos are only for women, when the complete opposite is true. Cute tattoos aren’t and should never be gendered! A burly “man’s man” can just as easily have an adorable tattoo of a rainbow donut as a woman. Tattoos are genderless, and should never be subjected to preconceived notions of whether or not something is “too girly” for someone. It’s all depends on your individual taste and style preferences, and tattooer Roberto Euan is a prime example of this.

Based out of Ventura, California, Euan takes a unique approach to traditional tattooing, while borrowing elements from neo-traditional work. Reminiscent of artists like Keely Rutherford and Kelly McGrath, his work is the epitome of kawaii. Utilizing vibrant dotwork, fantastic shading, and a color palette so varied it could make Lisa Frank jealous. Cute, colorful, incredibly fun, Euan’s work is proof that cuteness knows no gender, but only sparkles, rainbows, and hearts.

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