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11 Reserved Rottweiler Tattoos

11 Reserved Rottweiler Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Just like tattooed people, rottweilers have a bad reputation - these tattoos may help you see them in a new light.

It is thought that the rottweiler's history dates back to the Roman Empire. Centuries ago rottweilers would herd livestock and pull carts of meat to local markets. These days they're commonly used as guard dogs and police dogs but, more surprisingly, rottweilers are useful in search in rescue missions and can be trained as guide dogs for the vision impaired.

New school rottweiler tattoo by @dappertattoo. #dog #rottweiler #newschool #dappertattoo

With the correct training, responsible ownership, and a loving home, rottweilers will show just as much affection as any other dog breed. Think what you want about them, but they're a big, loving part of peoples lives. 

If dogs knew what tattoos were, they would surely love their owners getting tattoos of them!

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