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11 Statuesque Stunners by B&G Heavy Hitters

11 Statuesque Stunners by B&G Heavy Hitters

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Depth, tone, texture, and museum quality execution. These artists are among the sickest of the black and grey artists around.

An artist with ability to succeed in black and grey tattooing deserve immediate respect for the time and effort they've put down into their craft.

Tattoos the size of those displayed here can surely be seen at a distance. However, it takes a closer look to appreciate what technique and patience was put into creating the buttery tones that make us dribble over their supreme quality.

Realistic black and grey tattooing takes years to master and if done by a professional can be costly, but still a bargain in relation to what owning a marble sculpture can amount too. For anyone who is after this quality of work, don't cut any corners, and be sure to find an artist who has a good track record with this highly skilled style of tattooing.

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