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11 Stellar Tattoos in a Variety of Styles by Steve H Morante

11 Stellar Tattoos in a Variety of Styles by Steve H Morante

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Steve H Morante is capable of rendering epic Japanese Irezumi, incredible black and grey work, and mind-blowing hyper realism.

While most great tattooist tend to focus on one specialization, Steve H Morante breaks the mold by excelling at numerous styles and motifs. Check out just how versatile he is for yourself in this short sample of his work.

Steve H Morante is fantastic at the traditional Japanese style. Whether as a sleeve of a cute maneki-neko or a bodysuit of a massive dragon, his ability in this age-old style is remarkable. His Irezumi is also notably his most colorful work, and his mastery of black and grey lends itself to his take on the style.  

Morante's highest level of expertise as a tattooist shows itself in his black and grey realism. He masterfully illustrates imagery such as skulls, roses, and playing cards and executes pristine portraiture as well, as exemplified by his lady in a hand-mirror and his depiction of La Catrina Calavera. 

There are numerous fantastic examples of eye tattoos in Morante's portfolio, and each one is astounding in its hyperreal appearance. There is something oddly surreal about staring into the shimmering pupils of these large-scale globular organs. It's particularly trippy how he sometimes does reflected figures in them, too.

Check out more of  Steve H Morante work on his Tattoodo profile and Instagram. And contact him through his shop Fudoshin Tattoos or Love Hate Social Club London.

Ross Howerton
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