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11 Tasty Waffle Tattoos

11 Tasty Waffle Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

August 24 is National Waffle Day, but you could make it every single day with a tasty waffle tattoo!

Drizzled with syrup, piled high with fruit, or smothered with chocolate sauce and whipped cream: waffles are the ultimate indulgent breakfast food. There's no wrong way to eat a waffle, but there are wrong ways to tattoo them.  No matter how silly you may find a tattoo of a waffle, it's still just as important to select a competent and talented artist to tattoo you. 

Blueberry waffle tattoo by Daniel Potter. #traditional #waffle #blueberry #DanielPotter

Take some tips from the people below and you too could end up with an amazing waffle tattoo that looks good enough to eat!

And, what would these waffle tattoos be without a waffle iron?

Waffle iron tattoo by Scotty Gyatso. #neotraditional #waffle #waffleiron #appliance #ScottyGyatso

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