11 Tattoos Bursting With Blackberry Goodness

11 Tattoos Bursting With Blackberry Goodness

Take a stroll down memory lane with a sweet blackberry tattoo

Much like people getting cartoon characters tattooed on their bodies, as reminders of their childhood, some people choose food. In the case of blackberries, they can evoke memories of blackberry foraging, or making pies and jams with their grandmothers. 

I remember going blackberry picking as a kid. Finding wild blackberry bushes along the side of the road was far more commonplace back then. Getting pricked by the thorns was worth the reward of the small and sweet fruit. 

The tattoo process is much like picking wild blackberries: there's some pain involved but the end result is completely worth the discomfort. 

Choosing to get a blackberry tattoo is easy, but you might have some difficulty when it comes to deciding on a style for your blackberry tattoo. Never fear, here are a selection of unique blackberry tattoos to get you inspired. 

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Illustrative blackwork blackberry tattoo by Jessy D. #fruit #blackberry #berry #blackwork #illustrative #JessyD

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