11 Tom and Jerry Tattoos that are Made out of Chaos

11 Tom and Jerry Tattoos that are Made out of Chaos

Play a familiar cat and mouse chase once again with these cartoony Tom and Jerry tattoos.

Most likely, all generations in your family spent at least some time in front of the T.V. during their childhood with the titular characters of Tom and Jerry, getting caught up in their antics and endless cat and mouse.

Tom and Jerry tattoo by Historic Tattoo. #tomandjerry #cartoon #retro #oldschool #cat #mouse

Cue the nostalgic Hanna-Barbera opening credits, complete with the exaggeratedly comedic sound effects, slapstick comedy and you've got yourself a classic Tom and Jerry episode. Like most of the things we left behind in our childhood, Tom and Jerry was left along with the many shows we once watched and loved. But the hilariously murderous cat and mouse somehow made their way into tattoos and continue to chase each other around on the skin of overgrown kids. 

Tom and Jerry tattoo by Josh Herman. #tomandjerry #cartoon #retro #oldschool #cat #mouse #newschool

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