11 Yummy & Delightful Food Tattoos by Jina

11 Yummy & Delightful Food Tattoos by Jina

Mouthwatering Tattoos you wish you can eat done by Jina Tattooer, All Day Tattoo, South Korea

Food lovers will surely find this blog enticing: what with all the sweet, mouth-watering, almost realistic and delightful food tattoos here that you wish you could just grab and eat! Jina tattooer (from All Day Tattoo, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea) creates food tattoos like a master chef! 

The composition, shading and overall rendition is just excellent---you can almost smell them! Which one's your favorite? Which one do you wish you could eat right now? Check them out and choose! Warning: You might get hungry afterwards! 

For more works, follow Jina on instagram: @Allday_Jina 

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